This Week in Rideshare: Tickets, Robots, and NASCAR

2 min readMar 5, 2021


Chicago hits the breaks, Uber drops its bots, and Instacart goes racing. LegalRideshare breaks it down.

MONDAY 3/1/21

Want to throw away $35? Then drive 6 mph over the speed limit in Chicago. Block Club Chicago reported:

Drivers will be fined $35 if a speed camera catches them going 6–10 mph over the speed limit and $100 if they’re going even quicker, according to the Mayor’s Office. Tickets are sent in the mail.

TUESDAY 3/2/21

Uber says goodbye to bots, sort of. Bloomberg explains:

Uber Technologies Inc. is spinning out Postmates’ delivery robot operation into a separate startup, marking another chapter in the ride-hailing giant’s attempts to narrow its focus and become profitable.

Uber will co-lead what’s likely to be a $50 million investment in the new delivery startup, Serve Robotics, which will bring food, groceries and other items to Uber customers without human intervention. Uber will be a minority shareholder in Serve Robotics, the companies told Bloomberg.


Is your DoorDash delivery late? It’s likely due to “no tip, no trip”. WCPO reported:

Barlow and “Kate,” another driver who did not want to share her last name, both told us that if an order does not appear to have a tip on it, it may sit for 30 minutes in the restaurant before anyone picks it up.


Uber Eats is back in Italy. Yahoo! Finance explains:

The court said Uber Eats Italy srl, a division of Uber Italy, had complied with judges’ orders to improve working conditions for riders including on health and safety, providing necessary equipment as well as sickness and accident coverage.

FRIDAY 3/5/21

Instacart gets into racing…by sponsoring NASCAR. AZ Big Media explains:

Phoenix Raceway today announced that Instacart will serve as the title sponsor for the track’s NASCAR Cup Series race on Sunday, March 14. The Instacart 500 will be the fifth Cup Series race in the 2021 season and a precursor to the series’ return to the Valley of the Sun for the NASCAR Championship Weekend, November 5–7.

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