This Week in Rideshare: Strikes, Rides, and Eats

Instacart shoppers demand better, rides go free, and Uber Eats supports local. LegalRideshare breaks it down.

MONDAY 3/30/20

On the front lines of this pandemic, Instacart shoppers hit a breaking point as they went on strike: demanding higher pay and safer working conditions. CNN reported:

The strike, which is being called for by Instacart shoppers and a newly formed non-profit called Gig Workers Collective, has a list of demands including providing workers with safety items including hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, and sprays, hazard pay, and an expansion of its coronavirus pay to include those with underlying health conditions.

LegalRideshare sided with the IC Shoppers and released this video:

TUESDAY 3/31/20

As everyone struggles to adapt this new lifestyle, some companies are stepping up to help. The Tacoma Urban League in Washington setup a Lyft partnership offers free trips to work, grocery for those in need amid coronavirus outbreak. The News Tribune Reported:

The program provides free rides for people in Pierce County who need to pick up groceries or need short-term transportation to an essential work site. The program will continue through the month of April.


It was no joke on April fools this year as small businesses rethink delivery options. Wall Street Journal reported:

For years, smaller restaurants have bristled at the commissions food-delivery apps charge, up to 30% in some cases, an amount particularly painful these days, as many dining rooms have been emptied by the pandemic. In response, some restaurants are looking to decrease their reliance on deliver.


While Uber offered financial assistance for those drivers quarantined by the virus, it seems it has taken a step back. Business Insider explains:

Frenette and multiple other Uber drivers told Business Insider that the company hasn’t given them the pay promised despite their heightened exposure or risk, leaving them without pay and unable to work. Some also raised concerns that shutting down accounts but not compensating drivers who follow the agreement risks disincentivizing drivers from self-quarantining in the middle of a pandemic.

FRIDAY 4/3/20

Want to do more for your favorite restaurant? Now you can! Uber Eats has launched an in-app donation button so you can show some love. Verge explains:

Uber also plans to match every contribution dollar-for-dollar up to $3 million to the Restaurant Employee Relief Fund, with an additional $2 million donation also going to the fund. Uber says that 100 percent of customer donations will go directly to their restaurant of choice.

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