This Week in Rideshare: Rides, Arrests, and Incentives.

NYC rides come at a cost, drivers are arrested and Uber adds incentives. LegalRideshare breaks it down.

MONDAY 7/25/22

Uber fares in NYC are among the highest with Nashville right behind. FOX Business added:

Researchers at NetCredit recently analyzed the average cost of an Uber ride in cities across the globe, and found that New York City is the priciest place to hail a rideshare in the U.S. While the Big Apple is known for its high cost of living, other places topping the list might surprise you.

The cost for a 10 kilometer (6.21 mile) Uber ride in New York City will set riders back $34.74 on average, but a ride in Nashville, Tennessee was not far behind, coming in at around $34.63 for the №2 spot on the list.

TUESDAY 7/26/22

A win for Uber as a judge sides with the rideshare giant. The Verge explains:

Uber’s decision to not offer wheelchair-accessible service in every US market does not violate the federal law prohibiting discrimination against disabled individuals, a federal judge ruled this week.

Uber argued it would be prohibitively expensive to offer wheelchair service in every city. The company estimated “bare minimum” annual costs of $800,000 in New Orleans, or about $400 per ride, and $550,000 in Jackson, or about $1,000 per ride, by partnering with commercial providers of wheelchair-accessible vehicles.

Chief Judge Richard Seeborg of the federal court in San Francisco agreed, ruling that the plaintiffs provided “scant evidence” that Uber could run a cost-effective wheelchair-accessible service in either city. Even if Uber spent the money to launch wheelchair-accessible services, wait times for disabled passengers would be “significant,” Seeborg wrote.


A former Cuomo staffer was killed after a dispute with their rideshare driver. CNN reported:

A former staff member for ex-New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo was killed after a Lyft driver allegedly ordered him and five friends out of a car on Delaware’s Coastal Highway, state police said in a news release.

According to the Delaware State Police, at some point during the ride, the Lyft driver and the passengers had a “disagreement,” causing the Lyft driver to end the ride “in the middle of the southbound left lane” of the Coastal Highway and demanded that all six passengers get out of the vehicle.

At the same time, a 2016 Toyota Corolla was traveling southbound and fatally hit Wolf, say police in a press release.

“After impact, the Corolla immediately pulled over on the southbound shoulder and came to a controlled stop. The Lyft vehicle fled southbound on Coastal Highway immediately after the crash,” reads the press release.

THURSDAY 7/28/22

Rideshare drivers in Chicago were arrested after protesting for better working conditions. CBS news reported:

Police arrested protesters and hauled them away in handcuffs late Tuesday afternoon as they demanded better pay and safer working conditions for Chicago rideshare drivers.

As CBS 2’s Marybel González reported, rideshare drivers gathered outside the Uber Greenlight Chicago Hub at 1401 W. North Ave., just east of the Kennedy Expressway. They demanded that Uber and Lyft pay their drivers higher wages and enact more safety measures to protect them.

The drivers, represented by the Chicago Gig Alliance, complained that high gas prices and inflation are causing serious problems for their family budgets.

They also accused Uber and Lyft of failing to address their concerns with safety — and in particular protect them from carjackers and violence.

Their concerns are real — especially after the Chicago Police Department issued a new community alert about a series of carjackings involving Uber drivers. The carjackings are happening on parts of the North, South, and West sides alike — as well as several western suburbs.

FRIDAY 7/29/22

Uber adds more driver incentives. Reuters added:

Uber Technologies Inc’s (UBER.N) CEO said the company is expanding a program in the United States to show drivers fare value and routes before accepting rides, part of its efforts to bring on more drivers.

The feature, which the company started testing in February and will be expanding in close to 30 areas in August, allows drivers to see how much they will earn and the pick up and drop off locations of their passengers before accepting a ride.

Uber said it is also rolling out systems, in the same cities as the “Upfront Fares” feature, to let drivers choose from a list of trips, and to get recaps of weekly earnings, including Uber’s cut from completed trips.

To lessen the impact of higher gas prices, the company introduced a new debit card that will give drivers up to 7% cash back on gas depending on their loyalty status. read more

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