This Week in Rideshare: Reports, e-bikes, and London

Uber lays out the bad news, e-bikes get helmets and Uber goes for London. LegalRideshare breaks it down.

MONDAY 12/9/19

On Monday, we posted about Uber’s recent accident report. Tech Crunch was one of the many who covered the story, and boy was it a doozy. While the report listed deaths and the THOUSANDS of sexual assault cases, it didn’t mention non-lethal accidents or issues during period one.

TUESDAY 12/10/19

While reports are quick to highlight the dangers riders face in rideshare, there’s been a sudden turn to focus on the drivers. Fortune reported: “It also raises questions about whether Uber does enough to protect drivers, who, other than getting an insurance policy, pointers, and some digital tools, are largely left to fend for themselves.”

WEDNESDAY 12/11/19

While e-bike and e-scooter riders are abundant, those wearing helmets are almost non-existent. One company has a solution: Build the helmet INTO the bike. Mashable explains: “ Wheels added a compartment above the back wheel that houses an adjustable helmet. It comes free with your rental. To get people used to borrowing a helmet for their rides, Wheels is giving 20 percent off for unlocking the helmet and putting it on your friggin’ head.”

THURSDAY 12/14/19

All week, media continued to cover Uber’s recent safety report. More specifically, the sexual assault cases. ABC 7 Chicago interviewed Co-founder and Attorney of LegalRideshare Bryant Greening to get his take.

FRIDAY 12/13/19

After London’s devastating blow to Uber, it appears the company is trying to get into the city’s good graces. On Friday, Reuters reported that Uber submitted an appeal to regain the London taxi license. They explain: “The firm’s roughly 45,000 drivers in London will still be able to take rides until the appeals process is exhausted, which could take months or even years.”

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We’re the only law firm in the US entirely focused on Uber, Lyft, and e-scooter accident and injury claims.

We’re the only law firm in the US entirely focused on Uber, Lyft, and e-scooter accident and injury claims.