This Week in Rideshare: Protests, Bikes, and Curfews

Protests shut down Uber, Divvy returns to Chicago, and curfews cause chaos. LegalRideshare breaks it down.

MONDAY 6/1/20

As protests rocked the country, Uber suspended services in cities with curfews. CNBC reported:

"We’re also using the Uber app to educate riders and drivers about city curfews and remind them Uber should be used for emergency purposes only during this time.”

TUESDAY 6/2/20

Tuesday brought some good news for Lyft. The company announced rides jumped 26% in May. Reuters reported:

Ride-hailing firm Lyft Inc said on Tuesday that rides on its platform rose 26% in May from the previous month helped by strong growth in cities where coronavirus-induced restrictions have been eased.


While some business in Chicago remained closed, Divvy opened back up. Chicago Tribune reported:

On Tuesday the Active Transportation Alliance, a local advocacy group for biking and transit, launched a petition to bring back Divvy and transit service. Mayor Lori Lightfoot responded that both the CTA and Divvy bikes have been used to commit crimes, and she could not turn a “blind eye” to the issue.


As cities imposed curfews to curb the violence, it’s left essential workers scrambling. Wired interviewed LegalRideshare’s Bryant Greening who said:

“Uber and Lyft have ingrained themselves as the primary mode of transportation for many people,” Greening says. “If you shut off the apps, then those essential workers are left unable to perform their essential tasks. Then the entire city and community suffers.”

FRIDAY 6/5/20

As the country grapples with a pandemic and protests, gig workers are stuck in the middle. To end the week, we reported on a delivery driver getting arrested for being out past curfew. The catch? He’s an essential worker, just trying to do his job. As we’ve said in the past, gig workers deserve better and we will always stand with them.

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