This Week in Rideshare: Podcasts, Drivers and Bills

We talk with The Rideshare Guy, drivers risk their lives, and the stimulus bill to save us all? LegalRideshare breaks it down.

MONDAY 3/23/20

On Monday, Uber’s CEO was pretty frank about the current conditions with his drivers: “Someone else should step in to help.” Gizmodo reported:

While it’s true that Uber did begin offering something approaching sick pay for quarantined drivers, that came not from the company’s sense of civic duty, but from urging by Congress. The company has also refused to provide straight answers about whether it will notify passengers of potential exposures, either from drivers with positive diagnoses or those placed under quarantine (out of an abundance of caution and a paucity of testing kits.)

TUESDAY 3/24/20

On Tuesday, Attorney and Co-founder of LegalRideshare Bryant Greening hopped on The Rideshare Guy’s podcast and talked all things rideshare. Check it out!


Wednesday brought news just how serious and dangerous the coronavirus is for drivers. New York Post reported that a driver in Queens died from the disease. They added:

A Queens Uber driver passed away from the coronavirus Tuesday morning — more than two weeks after he stopped driving to avoid contracting the deadly disease, according to his family.

Subba checked into the hospital about two weeks ago, according to his cousin Munindra Nembang. He had been hooked up to a ventilator for about two days before he passed, with no contact with his wife and three children, ages 22, 20 and 11.

THURSDAY 3/26/20

As of Thursday, many drivers were uncertain what help, if any Uber and Lyft were providing. There was news of held sick pay, deactivation and general confusion. CNN dug in a bit deeper:

In the wake of the outbreak, many of the gig economy companies agreed to offer a form of paid sick leave for the first time for drivers who are diagnosed with coronavirus or placed under mandatory quarantine.

But several drivers told CNN Business they believed they would qualify for much-needed financial assistance from Uber if they had underlying health conditions based on the initial language the company detailed.

FRIDAY 3/27/20

Relief at last! We end the week on some positive news as the $2 Trillion Stimulus bill was passed. Newsweek reported:

Despite the brief opposition, the bill had overwhelming bipartisan support. The legislation will provide many Americans with $1,200 checks, expands unemployment insurance, bails out large corporations, gives funding to small businesses teetering on the edge of existence and boosts relief for state and local governments.

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