This Week in Rideshare: Fees, Philly, and French.

Grubhub fights fees, Philly gets an app, and Uber offers French? LegalRideshare breaks it down.

MONDAY 7/26/21

Some cities responded by temporarily capping the discount rate third party services could charge. San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors (city council) went a step further and passed a permanent 15% cap.

Their business model threatened, the third party services have gone to court in order to get that cap overturned.

TUESDAY 7/27/21

Here’s some good news. Rideshare actually reduces drunk driving fatalities. The Week explains:

….ridesharing “has decreased U.S. alcohol-related traffic fatalities by 6.1 percent,” while also reducing the number of overall traffic fatalities by 4.0 percent.


Philly’s Delivery Guys isn’t just a cool name, it’s a new service in Philly. The Philadelphia Inquirer explains:

The company now has about 50 drivers working with eight food preparers and convenience stores owned by Dominican, Puerto Rican, American, Nigerian, and Vietnamese entrepreneurs in West, North, and Northeast Philly. More than 50% of the drivers are women who mostly work part-time.

THURSDAY 7/29/21

Want to learn French? Drive for Uber and you might be able to. The Verge explains:

Uber is teaming up with popular language service Rosetta Stone to provide free classes to drivers and couriers, the company announced Thursday. Rosetta’s digital language learning programs, which cover 24 languages, will be fully integrated into the Uber app used by its workers.

FRIDAY 7/30/21

Most analysts, and the companies themselves, project the supply of drivers will increase after Labor Day as schools and more workplaces reopen, depending on the course of COVID-19.

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