This Week in Rideshare: Data, Riders, and Vaccines.

Uber tells all, riders are up and drivers get vaccines. LegalRideshare breaks it down.

MONDAY 3/15/21

Uber and Lyft join forces to tell all. Smart Cities Dive explains:

Ride-hailing giants Uber and Lyft announced a partnership late last week on the Industry Sharing Safety Program, an effort by both companies to share information about drivers who have been deactivated for the most serious safety incidents including sexual assault and physical assaults resulting in a fatality.

The two companies will share information on drivers deactivated related to sexual harassment, sexual misconduct and sexual assault, which are contained within the National Sexual Violence Resource Center’s (NSVRC) Sexual Misconduct and Sexual Violence Taxonomy, as well as fatalities after a physical assault.

TUESDAY 3/16/21

For people looking to get vaccinated but need a ride, you’re in luck. USA Today explains:

Users can schedule a ride for themselves or others to vaccination sites through the Lyft app. Funded rides will be facilitated through non-profit partners including United Way Worldwide, the National Asian Pacific Center on Aging, the NAACP, the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and the National Down Syndrome Society.


After Uber lost its battle in the UK, they appear to be waving a white flag. BBC reported:

The ride-hailing giant said drivers would earn at least the National Living Wage, or £8.72 an hour, in a move that could shake up the wider gig economy.

It comes a month after it lost a legal battle in the UK over drivers’ status.

Uber said it was “turning the page” on workers’ rights, but some said it had not gone far enough.

THURSDAY 3/18/21

Looks like Lyft has some good news: rider volume is up! Quartz explains:

Lyft says its ridesharing business last week was at its busiest since the pandemic started. And on March 17, for the first time in a year, daily rides volume for the ridesharing business was higher than the same day last year.

Lyft says it expects year-over-year daily rides growth to start doubling next week as it comes upon the first anniversary of the deepest one-week shock to its business amid lockdowns in major markets. And it expects the ridesharing business to stay above year-ago levels every week through the end of 2021 — if there is no worsening of the Covid-19 crisis.

FRIDAY 3/19/21

For drivers looking to get the vaccine, it’s gotten a little easier. Chicago Sun Times explains:

Illinois Uber drivers will now have access to a simpler process to schedule COVID-19 vaccination appointments through Walgreens.

The initiative stems from Uber and Walgreens’ partnership formed in early February to help COVID-19 vaccines become more accessible to underserved communities.

Carrol Chang, Uber’s head of driver operations for the U.S. and Canada, said an authorization code sent to drivers and Uber Eats delivery people allows them to provide proof of eligibility and book a vaccine appointment through Walgreens’ existing scheduling system whenever a time slot is available.

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We’re the only law firm in the US entirely focused on Uber, Lyft, and gig worker accident and injury claims. FREE CONSULTATIONS at

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