This Week in Rideshare: coronavirus, coronavirus, and…..coronavirus.

Uber hides the facts, gas prices plummet, and we talk with a doctor. LegalRideshare breaks it down.

MONDAY 3/9/20

After a driver tested positive for the coronavirus in New York, Uber admitted it had no plans to notify people who came in contact with a driver or rider who tested positive for COVID-19. Business Insider reported:

“We have a dedicated team working closely with public health authorities and stand ready to help in any way,” Uber said in a statement.

TUESDAY 3/10/20

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As news of the virus climbed, gas prices sank. Fox 32 reported that prices at the pump have kept dropping.

The least expensive average gas price in the United States is Texas’ of $2.06, according to AAA, with the largest weekly average decrease experienced by Indiana with -$0.12.


By Wednesday, Uber got its act together and announced it “may” suspend accounts of drivers and passengers who get the coronavirus. CNET reported:

The ride-hailing company is giving drivers and delivery people who get sick 14 days of financial assistance while their account is on hold — echoing the approach taken by many other tech companies.

THURSDAY 3/12/20

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Even scooters got their fair share of the virus. On Thursday we re-posted Lime’s message to all riders. Basically, they’re washing their hands and following the CDC. They also mentioned they may suspend rentals.

FRIDAY 3/13/20

We end the week with our first LegalRideshareTV interview with Dr. Eric Mizuno who talks about the virus and what you can do to protect yourself. Check it out!

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