This Week in Rideshare: Benefits, Tinder and Hackers.

Britain busts Uber, Tinder gets a Lyft, and hackers hit delivery. LegalRideshare breaks it down.

MONDAY 3/22/21

After Britain ruled rivers were not contractors, many are asking “Why not here?” The New York Times reported:

TUESDAY 3/23/21

Maybe your love life just needs a little….Lyft. Business Insider explains:

WEDNEDAY 3/24/21

Looks like hackers have a new target…your Grubhub account. AARP explains:

THURSDAY 3/25/21

An Instacart shopper is credited for averting a major mass shooting. WJCL reported:

FRIDAY 3/26/21

Uber announced it will reopen it’s offices….but only if employees want to go back. Business Insider explains:

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