This Week in Rideshare: Benefits, Tinder and Hackers.

2 min readMar 26, 2021

Britain busts Uber, Tinder gets a Lyft, and hackers hit delivery. LegalRideshare breaks it down.

MONDAY 3/22/21

After Britain ruled rivers were not contractors, many are asking “Why not here?” The New York Times reported:

There is no direct equivalent to Britain’s “worker” classification in the United States, and employers in Britain are spared direct funding of employee medical benefits thanks to the National Health Service. But Uber’s switch marks a significant test. If Uber can sustain its business while granting drivers improved guaranteed benefits and a financial safety net, then surely that model can be replicated elsewhere.

TUESDAY 3/23/21

Maybe your love life just needs a little….Lyft. Business Insider explains:

The dating service said Monday it will allow users to gift Lyft rides to dates directly through the Tinder app. Lyft already lets users request rides for friends, but the new feature will integrate that ability into Tinder’s interface.

WEDNEDAY 3/24/21

Looks like hackers have a new target…your Grubhub account. AARP explains:

The study examined several aspects of identity fraud…Delivery services accounted for 18 percent of all the identity frauds in this category, surpassing compromised accounts for mobile phones, social media platforms, emails and utilities.

THURSDAY 3/25/21

An Instacart shopper is credited for averting a major mass shooting. WJCL reported:

Charles Russell spotted the man inside a bathroom stall with one of the rifles and alerted a manager at the Publix store, urging him to call 911. Police then converged on the store and arrested the man without a shot being fired.

FRIDAY 3/26/21

Uber announced it will reopen it’s offices….but only if employees want to go back. Business Insider explains:

Uber said on Thursday it planned to reopen its offices at Mission Bay, San Francisco, with 20% occupancy on March 29, and provide an option for its staff to return to work on a “voluntary basis.”

The ride-hailing firm had previously announced the extension of its work-from-home policy until September 13.

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