LegalRideshare: Who We Are & Why We’re Here

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Hi, my name is Jared. I work for LegalRideshare.

I’m guessing you clicked this post for two reasons: #1) you’re curious and #2) you’re suspicious. I don’t blame you. Since the beginning drivers have been overlooked, overworked and massively underpaid. After years of disappointment it’s hard to believe anyone has your back. Because of that, I thought it important to create this post so you know exactly who we are, why we’re here, and how we can help.


Six years ago, LegalRideshare was launched after attorney Bryant Greening started to get calls, emails, and tweets from Uber / Lyft drivers who were injured in accidents and didn’t know where to turn. Bryant, a personal injury attorney, signed up to become an Uber driver to understand the challenges drivers faced. Once he stepped into your shoes and realized the driver community was being taken advantage of, he stepped up and launched LegalRideshare.

Fast forward to today, LegalRideshare has served hundreds of clients around the country and secured millions for drivers. We’ve made it a point to work closely with driver communities and have supported Chicago Rideshare Advocates, NYC Rideshare Club, Independent Drivers Guild, Gig Workers Matter and dozens of other driver communities across the country. We’ve fought for better safety measures for drivers, launched a “Driver Safety Fund”, given away $10,000 worth of dash cams and even created a “Sick Day” program at the onset of COVID. When gig companies have failed to act, we’ve done what we can to support the very people they seem to neglect.


Ah yes, the classic zinger. It always makes me think of the movie “Nightcrawler” when someone says that. Like we’re racing around in muscle cars handing out business cards to someone crawling out of a wreck. Anyways, I digress.

First off, LegalRideshare always offers free consultations. Which means the moment you call us you’re getting advice with no strings attached. We’re happy to point drivers in the right direction and offer resources regardless of whether you become a client or not. I’d love to see any other law firms even respond to your messages about pay, deactivations, app issues, carjackings, false accusations, class action lawsuits, insurance, rentals, etc.

Second, if you were injured in an accident and we sign you up as a client, everything operates on a contingency basis. That means you don’t pay anything unless we win your case. And our goal is to get you the most money possible — plus get you healed and back on your feet. It’s a win-win.

Lastly, we would have to be pretty dumb to screw you over. Imagine if we really were just ”ambulance chasers” and tossed you aside for a quick buck. The first thing you’d do is blast us on UberPeople and social media, thereby tanking our reputation. LegalRideshare wouldn’t last 6 months let alone 6 years. There’s a reason we’re the only law firm dedicated to this type of work.


LegalRideshare is entirely focused on accident & injury cases. So if you’re involved in an accident and get injured due to that accident, please contact us. Even if you’re unsure of who’s to blame for the crash, we can guide you in the right direction. The sooner the better. The longer you wait to contact us, the harder it is for us to give you options.


That’s great! And they may be able to handle your claim just fine. However, I can’t tell you how many times a driver has come to us a year or more after working with another law firm, completely unhappy with the progress (I literally just took this call yesterday). At that point in the case, it’s very tough for us to step in and help.


For a short time we did, but we no longer offer that service. However, the Independent Drivers Guild does. You can find out more about it here:


We know we can’t make everyone happy, but we just want to be transparent about who we are and how we help drivers. I personally believe in what we do and I’m proud to be a part of the solution to helping drivers.

Thanks for reading!




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