Instacart workers fight back, Hawaii drivers have choices, and NYC aids workers. LegalRideshare breaks it down.

MONDAY 9/20/21

Instacart workers have three words for users: Delete the app. Vice reported:

A group of Instacart gig workers is requesting that all customers who shop on the platform boycott the grocery delivery app to pressure it to improve conditions for workers. Using the hashtag #DeleteInstacart, workers are trying to pressure the company ahead of a rumored IPO, one of the most highly anticipated of the year.

Instacart workers on the platform are demanding a reinstatement of a commission based pay model, the reinstatement of…

Dutch court steps in, Uber offers new pricing, and Hawaii works with Uber. LegalRideshare breaks it down.

MONDAY 9/13/21

Are drivers employees? The Dutch court certainly thinks so. TechCrunch reported:

Uber has lost another legal challenge in Europe over the employment status of drivers: The Court of Amsterdam, in the Netherlands, has ruled that drivers for Uber are employed, rather than self-employed contractors.

The court also found drivers are covered by an existing collective labor agreement in the country — which pertains to taxi drivers — meaning Uber faces increased costs to comply with the agreement which sets pay requirements and covers…

Drivers struggle for answers, post-covid work, and New York City gets sued. LegalRideshare breaks it down.

MONDAY 9/6/21

As unemployment benefits dry up, questions flood in. CBS Chicago reported:

One key program that expired over the weekend was federal unemployment benefits for gig workers, such as ride share drivers and musicians. Their payments are ending, but their questions are not.

And getting answers is not easy, especially with most Illinois Department of Employment Security offices still closed, Labor Day or not.

TUESDAY 9/7/21

A DoorDash driver charged by the company, finally got his money back. WFLA reported:

“I know it’s not a lot…

Checkr gets checked, bus drivers quit and Prop-22 comes to Mass. LegalRideshare breaks it down.

MONDAY 8/30/21

After a botched background check, a driver sues Checkr, Lyft and Uber. Law Street Media explains:

According to the Eastern District of New York complaint, the plaintiff had driven for Uber and Lyft for a number of years before he was required by both companies to provide his social security number for a background check conducted by Checkr. In April 2021, Uber allegedly notified the plaintiff that his check could not be completed, and that he would be barred from driving for the company until…

Fares stay high, Prop. 22 gets a bashing, and taxis on the rise. LegalRideshare breaks it down.

MONDAY 8/23/21

Why are Uber and Lyft fares expensive? Yahoo Finance explains:

It has everything to do with the pandemic.

“The pandemic demonstrated the volatility of the ride-hailing industry with early sharp reductions in passenger demand and subsequent reductions in driver supply,” said Stan Caldwell, executive director of Carnegie Mellon’s Traffic21 Institute.

Peter C. Earle, an economist at the American Institute for Economic Research, explained that owing to a shortage of drivers, surges (and the higher prices associated with them) have become more common.

TUESDAY 8/24/21

Uber adds safety, ads hit the platform, and a new ballot in Massachusetts. LegalRideshare breaks it down.

MONDAY 8/16/21

As students head back to campus, Uber is adding more safety features. WPDE reported:

Uber has partnered up with the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators and the What’s My Name Foundation to educate college students on rideshare safety.

The “verify your ride” feature now gives riders a unique 4-digit pin to tell drivers before your trip can start.

The app now provides a “share my trip” feature that lets riders share information about their ride with a close friend or family…

A startup funds drivers, car-sharing gets squeezed, and air taxis are coming. LegalRideshare breaks it down.

MONDAY 8/9/21

A new startup in Nigeria is helping put drivers behind the wheel. Bloomberg explains:

Moove, a mobility fintech startup, has raised $23 million to provide financing to Uber Technologies Inc. drivers to buy cars across the sub-Saharan Africa region.

Each vehicle costs about $9,000 to $13,000 depending on the model and brand. The company runs mainly Toyota Motor Corp. cars, except in Ghana where it has a partnership with Volkswagen AG. Drivers are required to pay a deposit of 5% of a vehicle’s worth…

Drivers refuse to sign off, Uber employees get vaxxed, and Lyft offers a new service. LegalRideshare breaks it down.

MONDAY 8/2/21

Amazon has added cameras to keep track of drivers. The Information explains:

According to the documents, Amazon dings drivers who tailgate other vehicles for 10 seconds or more with violations. The cameras, using built-in artificial intelligence software, note safety violations when drivers blow through stop signs and perform illegal U-turns. And Amazon considers running red lights as equal to ten of each of those other infractions, the documents say.

TUESDAY 8/3/21

Grubhub fights fees, Philly gets an app, and Uber offers French? LegalRideshare breaks it down.

MONDAY 7/26/21

Grubhub goes to court over caps on delivery fees. Mass Live explains

Some cities responded by temporarily capping the discount rate third party services could charge. San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors (city council) went a step further and passed a permanent 15% cap.

Their business model threatened, the third party services have gone to court in order to get that cap overturned.

TUESDAY 7/27/21

Here’s some good news. Rideshare actually reduces drunk driving fatalities. The Week explains:

….ridesharing “has decreased U.S. alcohol-related traffic fatalities by 6.1…

Uber expands delivery, carjackings plague rideshare, and Lyft deploys AVs. LegalRideshare breaks it down.

MONDAY 7/19/21

As gig workers stay lukewarm on returning, gig companies are getting creative. Yahoo! Finance explains:

McDonald’s (MCD) recently became the latest to offer sweeteners to potential new hires. According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, the Golden Arches is proposing benefits like child care and tuition assistance, in addition to higher hourly wages.

Uber is considering funding education and career-building programs, The Journal recently reported. …


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